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A variety of resources are available to help make the most use of the Southern Wildfire Risk Assessment results and the SouthWRAP web application. Support documentation and reference information is available from several sources. These are provided below.

User Manual

A simple step-by-step guide on how to use SouthWRAP is provided. The manual provides all the information necessary to learn how to use the Public Viewer, Professional Viewer, and Communities-at-Risk Editor applications.

SouthWRAP User Manual

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Region Summary Statistics

Summary statistics have been derived from the updated Southern Wildfire Risk Assessment for the Southeast region, providing detailed information for each state and summarized for the region.

Data includes results obtained for the key input and output layers, in particular: Wildland Urban Interface (acres), WUI Risk (acres and population), and Fire Intensity Scale (acres).

SWRA Regional Summary Statistics

Help Desk

Support for use of the SWRA data and the Professional Viewer and CARE applications within SouthWRAP is available by sending an email to the SGSF at support@southernwildfirerisk.com. The Professional Viewer application is intended for use by fire planners and land managers. For general inquiries, especially regarding the Public Viewer or the SWRA data, please use the Contact page. This will allow you to pose questions, make suggestions and provide feedback. We welcome and encourage your comments so we can continue to improve SouthWRAP to better meet your needs.

More Information

To aid users in developing a fire protection plan, a few additional resources are provided. This includes guidelines for protecting your home and property from wildfire through mitigation, minimum standards for developing a Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP), requirements for a community to receive the FireWise Communities USA™ designation, and templates for developing a CWPP and related plans. Use the links below to access these resources. We also encourage you to check out the information available on the individual SGSF state websites. Some reference links are provided below.

Example Plan Templates/Guidelines

Planning is essential for the long-term success of wildfire mitigation efforts. CWPPs have become the planning standard, as defined in the Healthy Forests Restoration Act of 2003. The risk summary report capability within the SouthWRAP Professional Viewer application has been specifically designed to support Step 5 in CWPP development, the Community Risk Assessment component. The risk report is generated in a Microsoft WORD format to facilitate easy copy-paste of content directly into a plan.